Heidelberg Golf Club Course Video Tour

Discover what each hole has to offer.

Hole 1 | 383 metres, Par 4

The opening hole is a downhill par four leading away from the clubhouse. The ideal tee should be kept to the left of centre to avoid the right-hand fairway bunker. There is a water hazard to the left of the green which slopes from back to front and is flanked by bunkers both left and right.

Hole 2 | 165 metres, Par 3

This short hole is characterised by a wide green which is shallow in depth. Club selection is vitally important here as there are bunkers both in front and behind the green.

Hole 3 | 384 metres, Par 4

Relatively flat and straight, however tee shots must take care to avoid a large over-hanging gum tree on the right. There is a dip in front of green and bunkers both left and right.

Hole 4 | 466 metres, Par 5

Straight uphill towards the clubhouse with out of bounds to the left and a big gum on the left-hand edge of the fairway which must be negotiated for most second shots. The green is characterised by two tiers and is difficult to read.

Hole 5 | 271 metres, Par 4

Longer hitters are sometimes able to reach this elevated green off the tee however it is well- bunkered in front and to the right.

Hole 6 | 110 metres, Par 3

The shortest par 3 on the course and although not long is by no means easy. With a triple tiered green and bunkers to the front and back, the correct choice of club is extremely important.

Hole 7 | 383 metres, Par 4

The seventh is characterised by a narrow left-to-right downward sloping fairway with a dog-leg to the left and a slight incline up to the green. Bunkers surround this angled green which can make the approach shot challenging.

Hole 8 | 368 metres, Par 4

Dog-leg right uphill with bunkers in play to catch out the unwary and a fairway that slopes from right to left. The green is one of the smallest on the course and calls for pinpoint accuracy with the approach.

Hole 9 | 505 metres, Par 5

Long, flowing par 5 with an initial dog-leg from left to right and a blind tee shot to contend with. From there, it is downhill to a green that slopes front to back.

Hole 10 | 323 metres, Par 4

An uphill dog-leg right. Miss the fairway bunker on the corner, leaving a tricky uphill shot to a large green. The green has a small tier running through the middle and a bunker right.

Hole 11 | 472 metres, Par 5

Long par 5 with a dog-leg right. Position off the tee is crucial, miss it either side and you are staring at bogey. The elevated green is bunkered left and slopes back to front.

Hole 12 | 359 metres, Par 4

A straight par 4 with an uphill second shot into the green can either be a long iron or mid iron depending on the drive. The green is well bunkered and slopes back to front, but offers some great views.

Hole 13 | 175 metres, Par 3

The first of the par 3s on the back nine. Depending on the wind it can play shorter than its yardage, but with a long carry and false apron is deceiving. Bunkered both left and right with a slight tier through the middle and one of the biggest greens on the course.

Hole 14 | 565 metres, Par 5

The longest hole on the course, though it plays downhill. The shot into the green needs to be precise and you don’t want to miss it long.

Hole 15 | 377 metres, Par 4

Downhill dog-leg left. Heidelberg’s little gem promises a tricky approach shot into a downhill green that slopes from left to right and which is guarded by one bunker left and a back bunker that acts like a ball magnet.

Hole 16 | 321 metres, Par 4

Short par 4 dog-legs left to an uphill green. Depending on the tee you may find yourself hitting over water to a narrow landing zone. There are bunkers both left and right and it is better to be long than short.

Hole 17 | 158 metres, Par 3

The final short hole demands a well-struck iron, with water on the right and a large bunker running parallel with the green. Biggest green on the course sloping from back to front.

Hole 18 | 372 metres, Par 4

A great finishing hole, this long par 4 requires a drive up the middle to give the best angle into the green. The second shot is uphill into a small green that is well bunkered on both sides.