Bowls membership at the Heidelberg Golf Club provides opportunities to join a pennant team or just play for fun! The Club offers lawn bowlers of all levels the opportunity to join a great club, with excellent facilities and a friendly atmosphere. There are no strangers at our bowling club, just friends you haven’t met yet.

Bowls is a mentally stimulating activity that offers great friendships and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, participating in a sport that does not require outstanding strength or physical attributes unless you are playing at a very advanced level.

For those so inclined, bowls can also provide a competitive outlet, to be enjoyed for most of one’s life.

Click here if you would like to be contacted about trying bowls, or if you have an enquiry please contact the club office on (03) 9433 5303.

Bowling Membership


Annual Fee and Description

Introductory Bowling Membership  

For new members, valid for first year of membership

Bowling Membership


 All new bowling members will receive a complimentary bowling uniform 


Playing Lawn Bowls

Lawn Bowls allows you to:

  • Enjoy yourself;
  • Get fit;
  • Live longer;
  • Make new friends;
  • Bring along your friends for sport & fun.

Lawn bowls is not an expensive sport. Practice is free and organised Social bowls and Pennant are only $5 per game. We will even lend you a set of bowls to get you started. Casual clothes are fine and you can even play in bare-feet until you have a pair of flat soled shoes. When you want a club uniform, you will find all bowls clothing items are inexpensive. 

The Heidelberg Golf Club offers bowlers:

  • A very friendly & welcoming atmosphere;
  • Free coaching for members & non-members;
  • Free practice – seven days per week;
  • Practice on your own or with other members;
  • A mentor for new members to introduce you around the club;
  • Very competitive membership fees;
  • Competitive & social bowls;
  • Regular BBQ’s and other Club functions;
  • Member “get-togethers” every Friday night;
  • Competitive Lawn Bowls

There are all kinds of club and local tournaments for people of all skill levels. Mixed events offer men and women the opportunity to compete in a fun and relaxed environment, and there is no better place to be on a gorgeous spring or summer day or a cool summer evening.

For those who love the excitement of competing, there are excellent competitive lawn bowls structures including club, regional and national events.