Relaxed, Friendly & Individual

Heidelberg Golf Club is a friendly club that understands dress sense and standards vary according to each individual, but as you would expect, we like to see a high standard of dress on the course and in the clubhouse. You can download a pdf of the dress code here

Heidelberg Dress Requirements

Standard of dress and general appearance will, at all times, determine the privilege of Members and their guests to use the facilities of the clubhouse and course and shall be consistent with the profile of the Club. It is the member’s responsibility to comply with these regulations for themselves and their visitors. Any member of the Committee or the General Manager (or an employee so empowered by the GM) has the power to address any member or visitor who is not suitably presented.

Dress regulations apply to Clubhouse, Course and Practice facilities. Soft-spikes must be worn on the golf course and are permitted in the clubhouse.

Click here to download the dress code for the golf course

Click here to download the dress code for the clubhouse

Men’s Dress Regulations

  • Trousers and shorts must be tailored, neat and clean.
  • The following are not permitted: jeans, jean-style pants, pants with studs, cord or elastic top pants. 
  • Tailored shorts should hang no lower than the bottom of the knee cap. The following are not permitted: three quarter length shorts, board shorts, army style shorts with side pockets and cord or elastic top shorts.
  • Shirts must have collars, sleeves, be clean and tucked in at all times unless designed to be worn outside in a neat fashion. The following are not permitted: football jumpers/shirts and shirts with excessive text or logos.
  • Acceptable short socks will be plain white with or without a Heidelberg Golf Club logo.
  • Sports shoes and flat soled shoes may be worn as long as they are neat and tidy. Tidy roman sandal type footwear may be worn in the clubhouse during summer months. Thongs are not permitted.
  • Headwear is not permitted to be worn in the clubhouse at any-time.
  • Caddies and spectators must also adhere to all dress regulations as specified in this dress code. 

Tidy denim trousers may be worn in the clubhouse. Tidy non-collar shirts are also permitted in the clubhouse after 6pm on Fridays.

Ladies Dress Regulations

Ladies are to wear suitable tailored golf attire at all times. The following are not acceptable:

  • Denim clothing (clubhouse only)
  • Singlet tops, track suits
  • Draw strings pants or shorts
  • Thongs

Shirts must be tucked in at the waist unless designed to be worn outside in a neat fashion.